We are a 501c3 nonprofit since 2015. We provide a safe, healthy and enriched environment for surrendered parrots whose loved ones can no longer care for them.

Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee

Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee (EAST) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of parrots living in captivity. We offer sanctuary to unadoptable parrots through sponsorships, as well as lifetime care to parrots whose guardians wish to give their companions sanctuary for life.
We provide natural environments for enrichment, flight and togetherness of a flock, and outside aviaries for fresh air and sunshine. EAST also provides adoption services for well-socialized parrots who desire human companionship. We feel strongly about educating the public about conservation and environmental issues, and to inspire a sense of responsibility toward the care of our earth and our animals.
Parrots and other exotic birds represent the largest population of captive wildlife in the U.S., and the need to protect them continues to grow. EAST opposes perpetuating the pet trade through captive breeding. We encourage everyone to appreciate and respect wild animals where they belong—in the wild.

Phoenix Landing Foundation

Phoenix Landing is a volunteer 501(c)(3) parrot welfare organization. We serve Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, and Northeast Florida through our parrot adoption program. Our educational events are available to everyone regardless of where you live. Learning new things can help our birds to thrive in captivity!

Our objectives:

  • Provide educational activities
  • Facilitate adoption for parrots, from parakeets to macaws, because most birds need a succession of good homes
  • Help veterinary students interested in avian medicine
  • Sponsor research and conservation for wild parrots
  • Advocate standards of care for birds
  • Build and maintain a sustainable organization
  • Ensure that birds adopted through Phoenix Landing are physically and legally protected

Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary, Inc.

Ziggy's Haven is a 501c3 non for profit rescue that is coming up on our 20 year anniversary. We are a no breed/no kill facility where the birds always come first.

Prego Dalliance Sanctuary

Prego Dalliance Sanctuary is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) parrot rescue and refuge dedicated to providing a loving, safe, and home for rescued birds. We are a sanctuary providing a nurturing environment and medical care for our bird sanctuary, in California.

Icarus Foundation/Chesapeake Parrot Sanctuary

Our mission is to protect parrots living in captivity and to prevent their suffering by providing rescue and sanctuary to abused, neglected, and unwanted parrots, primarily cockatoos. We provide information on the proper care of captive parrots, helping to improve the lives of as many parrots as possible.

Ginger's Parrot Rescue

Ginger’s Parrot Rescue is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization that specializes in behavioral rehabilitation of relinquished birds, and those in need of rescue from difficult situations. The individual care for each bird includes avian medical care with Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic of Arizona, Dr. Todd Driggers and his staff, proper diet, socialization, and training. Behavioral issues, such as screaming, plucking, and biting are reduced or eliminated. Individual taming and training is completed with each bird to build a solid bird-human relationship. In order to provide the highest level of care, we only accept a limited number of parrots, and likewise, we have a stringent screening process for placing parrots with adopters. We do offer sanctuary (forever placements) to a select number of birds, that become residents in our rescue and live out the remainder of their lives here.

Happy Wings Sanctuary

Dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, education & responsible care for companion birds in need. Great NonProfits Recipient of the Top Rated Non-Profit Award!

Marden's Ark Avian Refuge

We were founded in 2014, after the untimely death of our beloved Marden, a three-year-old Congo African Grey. Our mission is as follows:
Our mission is to change the world for the better for companion birds. We accomplish this by offering care, shelter and sanctuary to displaced birds, networking with other organizations to help even more birds, assisting families who live with companion birds who are experiencing difficulties, working with other organizations to improve quality of care in rescues, educating the public on living with companion birds and their unique and complex needs, and continually advocating for raising standards of care for all companion birds.

Beak n Wings

We are the only licensed shelter exclusively for companion birds (mostly parrots) in Kansas. Our goal is to take in homeless, unwanted, or abused parrots; "rehabilitate" them, and find them good, permanent, loving homes. BNW also strives to educate the community on the needs of these wonderful birds. We promote good health, enriched lives, and loving homes for our feathered companions.

Majestic Wings Rescue and Sanctuary

Majestic Wings Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established January 2017. Our mission is to help for companion parrots their forever homes when life happens to their established parronts. These events such as health, life and financial reasons are the major reason our companion pets are re-homed.
We take in the abused, neglected or sick and work to rehabilitate them back to their glorious, beautiful spirits.
The ones that can't be re-homed are offered sanctuary care and stay with us for the rest of their lives.
All birds taken in through majestic Wings Rescue are taken to the vet for a complete workup and evaluation. Any illnesses are treated and addressed. The parrots are all micro-chipped (depending on their size) and registered.
We strive to educate the public on the reasons behind Adopt don't shop concept and educate potential adopting parents on proper nutrition and care of our feathered companion parrots.

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